Program management

Program delivery strategy

Promanage can advise on and deliver project governance to:

  • support the relationships between all groups involved in a project
  • describe the project information flow to all stakeholders
  • ensure reviews and approvals at appropriate stages of the project.

Engaging effectively with stakeholders keeps you responsive to issues important to your customers, employees, stakeholders, the wider community and, ultimately, your project.

We have the expertise to bring stakeholders on board with your vision to assist you in smoothly reaching project goals and deliverables, mitigating the risk of disruption to your project timeline.

Project delivery strategy

Developing a robust and bankable project delivery strategy can significantly affect the success of a large construction or infrastructure project.

Vital components of a successful project delivery include:

  • selecting the most appropriate project delivery strategy
  • seeing the strategy through through from concept and feasibility to project completion, alongside the owner’s internal management
  • supporting structure and healthy relationships with other project stakeholders.

The Promanage team is highly experienced across all project delivery models and managing associated interfaces.