Contract management

We work with our clients to achieve measurable changes in supply chain performance.

Strategic procurement services

The benefits of our involvement in procurement and supply chain services include:

  • reduced operating costs
  • increased procurement capability
  • improved service quality
  • simplified processes
  • fit-for-purpose procurement functions.

Our services are focused on supporting the development of efficient and sustainable procurement programs.

We implement effective strategies, optimise supplier bases and help establish supplier relationships that drive improved commercial outcomes, performance and quality.

Contract management services

On the contract management side, our team has the experience and knowledge to navigate and manage contracts through all contract phases. We have managed many major contracts within construction, mining and professional services industries, providing:

  • strategic procurement
  • tailored tender and contract documentation
  • contract administration
  • commercial management.

We understand the nuances of project management having worked extensively with project managers, consultants and engineering and construction teams.

When it comes to contract management, a key focus for us is budget control and restraint, including the probity requirements and regulatory requirements at government level.