Adelaide Desalination Plant

Adelaide Desalination Plant
  • Promanage played a significant role supporting the delivery of early works by creating a robust framework that supported the various stages of construction within a constrained project timeline
  • Our construction planning and compliance auditing, supplemented by construction support, enabled successful delivery of the Pilot Plant
  • We were involved in the construction and project management of transferring pipeline and pump station project components
  • We provided constructability input to minimise construction risk and support cost effective outcomes

The Adelaide Desalination plant is a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant located in Lonsdale, South Australia and has the capacity to provide the city of Adelaide with up to 50 per cent of its drinking water needs.

The single largest infrastructure project completed in South Australia, this plant provides water security for a forward estimate of 50 years. Consisting of two identical 50 gigalitre per annum treatment plants, this system is designed to operate from zero per cent to 100 per cent in 10 per cent increments providing operational and cost effective capability.